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For Businesses and Individuals 


Computer Repair Services In Store or Onsite

Our expert techs at iComputer believe in providing our clients with the fastest service possible.  We understand the importance of having access to your computer and network whether it be for business or pleasure.  We provide customized solutions for all of our clients, tailoring each of our services to fit their specific needs. 

  • Most In Store repairs - 1-3 business days.
  • Onsite services - Response within 24-48 hours.  (There may be times when the response time takes longer than 48 hours, but that is extremely rare.)

Computer & Network Services

CALL US TODAY: 720-253-0092
In Store Repairs
Experience our in store repairs at iComputer.  We have the fastest turnarounds in town, with experienced techs completing all the repairs.  Check out our affordable rates when you get your Mac or PC computer repairs done at iComputer.
Onsite Services
Our expert onsite techs resolve computer and network issues quickly and in an affordable manner.  Our techs are qualified and experienced in servicing computer or network systems running both Mac OS and Windows.
Remote Support
Remote support is a good way to get tech support fast.  We use secure methods for providing fast and affordable support.  Call today to remotely resolve computer or network problems for both Mac OS and Windows systems.

See What Our Clients Are Saying! 

We having been providing top rated Mac and PC services to businesses and individuals for over 9 years in the Denver area. We are dedicated to achieving 100% client satisfaction through transparency, open communication and quick service turnarounds.

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iComputer Mac and PC Repairs

About Our In Store Mac & Windows Computer Repairs

Our expert techs are experienced in repairing every model of Apple and Windows operating system computers.  Our qualified technicians implement effective solutions for our computer repair services.  We have extensive experience in various network environments and are well-trained to resolve any computer issue. Our top rated computer services have helped a wide range of businesses and individuals around the Denver area.


We provide knowledgeable and friendly Mac and PC computer repair services in a timely manner, we usually complete every repair within 1-3 business days. Additionally, we provide our services for Macs and PCs at affordable rates.  If you need any service that is not listed on our website please call us for a phone estimate and we will get you one whenever possible.

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4340 E. Kentucky Ave. #143

Denver, CO 80246


Mac & Windows Computer Repair Services

CALL US TODAY: 720-253-0092  

Call us to get an estimate on any computer repair or upgrade service.  Every once in a while it is possible that we may need to see your computer in person before providing an accurate quote.  We are dedicated to maintaining excellent standards of service for affordable rates.



This fee is applied towards any service charges.  We implement extensive testing and assessment procedures to pinpoint the exact cause of your computer problems.  We will recommend the most cost effective solution that is suited to your exact needs.



This fee includes hardware and labor.  Feel free to call us to discuss your options for SSD upgrades in your Mac or PC.  A SSD upgrade can breathe new life into your computer and potentially lengthen its lifespan for years.   Our techs are also skilled in logical data recovery methods.



The turnaround for In Store malware removals on Macs and PCs is 24 hours or less.  We use reliable methods and undergo an extensive process to remove all traces of malware on your computer. As a last step we always add additional security measures to prevent future infections. 

On Demand Computer & IT Services

CALL US TODAY: 720-253-0092  

Network and computer emergencies can arise during the most inconvenient times.  It is crucial for most businesses to remain online and productive on a daily basis.  Get professional grade IT support for you business computer and network needs. Our business-class technicians respond within 24-48 hours in most cases, to solve computer problems, fix network failures, and answer your questions.   Our experts are current on the latest Windows operating system and Mac OS X technology, software, and security.


If you experience computer or IT problems that bring your computer usage or business to a standstill call us today for our On Demand IT Support Services. You can focus on marketing, sales, and increasing profits while we take care of the technical side of your business.


Business Computer & IT Systems Support Services

CALL US TODAY: 720-253-0092  

We recognize the importance of maintaining the critical technology systems that are an organization’s lifeblood. Our goal is use innovative, industry leading technology and knowledge to provide an IT environment for our clients that is problem adverse, and easy to maintain and monitor. We are committed to delivering our services in a cost effective, prompt and responsible manner.



$125/Hr + $25 Trip Fee

It more is important more than ever to protect your data using sound security processes, as hackers have become better at exploiting system vulnerabilities.  If your security is weak or outdated, you risk leaving your systems open to malicious activity, which can result in hackers stealing your proprietary information.




$125/Hr + $25 Trip Fee

Our onsite experts can help you sync your data to the network or other users.  We can also help you install and maintain secure data storage systems whether they are based onsite or  cloud based.  Our techs are also knowledgeable in all major email platforms.  We can help you migrate and manage your contacts and emails.  



$125/Hr + $25 Trip Fee

Our IT Services Include: Server Support, Onsite Data Storage Support, Resolving Network Connectivity Issues, Upgrading to New Infrastructure, and Implementing New IT Systems Both Onsite and Cloud Based

Our IT admins will set you up for growth and success by making network changes and improvements to accommodate future changes.  Our personalized approach to providing IT support services save our clients money as we continuously strive to cut technology costs for your business.


Used Mac Computer Sales

We have great deals on refurbished Mac computers.  We provide a 6 month warranty on all sales.  Our knowledgeable techs can help you find the perfect computer to fit your unique requirements.  We can also help you migrate any data over from the old computer to your new one.

Contact Us to See What We Have in Stock



Sell Your Used Mac For Cash

Do you have a used Mac laying around that you no longer use?  Bring it into iComputer to get it appraised.  We can then more forward with either purchasing the used Mac from  you or recycling it for free depending on the condition.  We also offer data destruction services so that no one can ever access any of your personal files after you part with your old computer.

Why Choose iComputer's Services?

CALL US TODAY: 720-253-0092
Save Money

Don't break the bank!  Let us give you some affordable options.  Call us for an estimate on your computer repair.

Top Rated
See what our clients are saying. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service.

Client Satisfaction
We go above and beyond to make our clients happy.  Call us to experience the difference.

4340 E. Kentucky Ave. #143
Denver, CO 80246
Tel: (720) 253-0092
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